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Green Flag Award® Cemetery

Cemeteries, crematoria and burial grounds are often highly valued by the public. Not only do they provide a spiritual, tranquil place for friends and relatives to come to remember their loved ones, they can also provide communities with accessible green space of cultural, ecological and historic importance. The Green Flag Award® Cemetery recognises the importance of this type of space and rewards good management and provision.

In the 2019/2020 award season we had 29 awards presented to cemeteries, parks and reserves throughout New Zealand. Take a look at last years cemeteries parks and open spaces.

Join us this year, apply for a Green Flag Award® and celebrate your amazing space. To learn a little more about the Award, check out this video and then log in to and get your application in!

For more information on the application process send us an email.

Resources, Publications & Guidelines

We have a host of resources, guidelines and publications available to New Zealand Cemeteries & Crematoria members. We aim to keep this updated with the most relevant information when it comes available. This content can be accessed through our Member Portal.

Our archive includes; NZCCC newsletters, industry guidelines and best practice resources, webinars, and conference presentations,

We welcome suggestions for additional content and/or submissions. You can contact us on you wish to put something forward.

Note: You MUST be a NZCCC member to access these publications. If you would like to learn more about being a NZCCC member you can visit our section on Membership.

Software: OpusXenta

OpusXenta are leaders in providing software solutions for the cemetery, crematorium and funeral home markets that are critical to the success of the business's strategy while also assisting them in improving their customers' experience, reducing sales friction and driving revenue growth so that they can focus on their strategy and not the systems that underpin it.

Gone are the days where your website, marketing, sales channels and ERP applications could exist siloed from each other.

At OpusXenta, they focus on bringing the various elements of the business together into a cohesive solution that allows you to deliver a better service, be more productive and drive revenue and profit growth.

You can learn more about OpusXenta and how they can help your business by visiting their website.

Veterans' Affairs Services, Cemeteries, and Memorials

Veterans' Affairs help look after Services Cemeteries. We're also able to contribute towards memorial plaques and headstones.

Services Cemeteries - NZ has specific areas within cemeteries for people with certain military service, as well as their spouse or partner.

Burial in a Services Cemetery -
To be buried in a Services Cemetery you must have served as a member of Her Majesty's Forces on certain deployments, or be the spouse or partner of someone who has.

Plaque and Headstone Funding -
We may be able to fund a plaque or headstone for people-and their spouse or partner-with Qualifying Service.

Find a Services Cemetery - Find out where a Services Cemetery is and the organisation that looks after it.

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