The Value of Embracing Change

Published by OpusXenta

The Death Care sector is one of intrigue to those outside of its bubble. There are multiple skills required to 'make good' the experience of death for the bereaved. From bookkeeping to bereavement support, the community looks to Funeral Directors, Celebrants, Cemeteries, and Crematoriums, not to mention the florists and caterers, and video streaming suppliers, to support and direct them through some of the most challenging experiences of their lives. With your skills and support, our community is able to start the process of grief in a nurturing way.

At first glance, technology may not seem to have a place in this picture. Feelings and data are at opposing ends of the scale, which is why we focus on 'how' we can better support those who manage death care. Your expertise is the carriage, ours the wheels.

Let's look back over time at society in general, especially to the community services that have evolved. We can see how the early adoption of innovation fueled the inevitable wave of uptake. If you had told me that I would one day not step foot inside a bank to manage all of my finances, I would have disbelieved! If you had said that I would be seen by my doctor, while sitting in my car, in a pandemic - well, that's plain crazy! The rate of change flows in direct proportion to the needs of the community.

In a Roy Morgan Technology Adoption Segmentation report: "Technology Traditionalists make up (24%) [of the adopters]: Usually aged 45+, these individuals are wary of change and only adopt new technology once it's become mainstream."

While some elements of Death Care remain unchanged, for good reason, there is a fast shift into the Age of Technology to meet changing consumer demands. At a nuclear level, being human, the pace at which we personally embrace change will largely be dictated by our appetite for growth, where it is not thrust upon us.

"Growth and comfort do not coexist" ― Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO

You may have read recent press releases about the country-wide roll out of the byondcloud booking portal in the UK. In this case, the Government mandated a need, and the industry had to respond (and of course, we are delighted that our solution is seen as the best response for both Funeral Directors and Cemeteries/Crematoriums). However, the pace of this change seems to be in-line with the anticipated growth from the sector itself. There were no surprises, especially from Funeral Directors, that a booking portal would be part of the necessary industry resources for the future, beyond COVID times, and adoption has been lightning-fast.

The wall between comfort and growth is stacked with bricks of effort, planning, mindset, process, and people. Although simple in concept, the act of embracing change should be seen as an added value and something to be fostered rather than a laboured exercise.

The innovation that is byondcloud is here.

Whether we choose to be an early adopter, an agent of change, or a reluctant passenger - death, taxes, and growth are inevitable. So as we continue to innovate, develop, design, and build, we remain sure of one crucial ingredient - people. No matter the rate of growth preferred, our support of the people who combine to form the Death Care industry at large is the most important point of focus for OpusXenta.

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