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Digital cemetery mapping allows you to realise the benefits of digital transformation across every part of your business, strengthening and protecting your cemetery for the future.

The benefits of digital mapping

The benefits of digital mapping have been plentiful, from optimising space and managing inventory to streamlining groundwork and providing visitors with easy cemetery navigation. With natural burial sites growing in demand and challenging traditional cemetery design, the ability to accurately map and locate burial sites without the assistance of headstones or plaques is increasing in importance. Digital mapping has enabled cemetery management to take complete control of their operation, maximise efficiency and expand their reach to new audiences.

The key benefits are:

  • Easy navigation. Digital mapping means that visitors can easily find the location of loved ones through kiosks, computers, or mobile devices. Information and maps can be accessed anywhere where there is an internet connection.
  • GPS mapping capabilities. Natural burial is growing in demand, favouring GPS coordinates and native plants over headstones and manicured lawns. GPS mapping capabilities will become more important as time goes on and families seek to locate the plots of loved ones easily and accurately.
  • Engage new audiences. The ability to assign useful information and tags to key points of interest on the map also provides cemeteries with the opportunity to expand their reach to the broader community.
  • Utilise space. Cemeteries often struggle with a lack of visibility when it comes to assessing their available space. As the population continues to grow there is greater pressure to find space for new burials. Digital mapping provides a far more accurate representation of space utilisation.
  • Improve access to information. Mapping tools provide cemeteries with the capability to include map and location information in the search records of the deceased. In addition, the maps can be exported into a variety of formats for use in any application, including appearing on the cemetery website.

Free mapping technology means that cemeteries have every incentive to adopt this innovative approach to burial ground management. Still, it’s worth considering a few factors before taking the plunge. First and foremost, it is important to ensure that the free mapping tool integrates with your existing record management system and that it will be easy to utilise the maps in the way you’ve planned to. It’s also worth exploring what the costs of upgrading the system would be should you need to add additional functionalities in the future.

OpusXenta will be in New Zealand for Cemeteries & Crematoria Week later this year and would love the opportunity to demonstrate how we use a drone to create high resolution imagery for accurate and affordable cemetery mapping.

Want to learn more? Email us with your questions info@opusxenta.comor download our free mapping ebook.

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