Death Care in the Cloud

By OpusXenta

Let's face it - in 2020 and beyond, paper-based and on-premises solutions aren't quite cutting it if you're providing services in the death care industry. We have phones in our pockets and modern software solutions that can reach teams and staff wherever they happen to be. These can enable a standard of service that's vastly improved from outdated legacy software and spreadsheets.

A cloud solution can make your team more mobile, more responsive, more proactive and more efficient. They can keep your data more secure. Plus - by elevating your systems to the cloud, you can lift your level of service to new heights. Here's how.

Remote working

Whether you're running a cemetery, a funeral home or a crematorium, there will no doubt be times when you need to communicate quickly and clearly to someone outside of the office. Whether it's sharing the required grave size with your cemetery workers or enabling staff to double-check family names while they're at the funeral venue, enabling remote access to your data can vastly enhance the customer experience through accuracy.


Not only could a cloud-based cemetery map make planning easier for your team, it can also ensure a smooth experience for cemetery visitors. If a family wants to visit the plot of one of their relatives but doesn't know where it's located, they shouldn't have to wait until after the weekend to call the office. With the right cloud software in place you can have direct website integration for 24/7 deceased search, with SMS and email map capabilities.


As a funeral director or cemetery manager, the last thing you need is for your data to be unavailable while you're on the phone with a bereaved family member or an industry supplier. The right cloud-based funeral planning software and cemetery database software can give you this reliable uptime, so you can supply and approve quotes, give clear directions to grave locations and provide a consistent service all round.

Trust & security

Trust is paramount in the death care industry. Modern cloud solutions such as byondpro are designed for use by multiple clients of every size, so they can dedicate adequate resources to maintaining industry-leading security measures. This bodes well for both compliance and the safety of your customer data.

24/7 planning

In an ideal world, you'd be able to communicate with service providers across the board so you can make death care funeral arrangements for your customers 24/7. This has now become a real possibility with the industry-leading byondcloud marketplace, which enables cemeteries, funeral directors, florists, stone masons and more to integrate and plan at all times of day. With real time updates on approvals and confirmations, this can ensure a more streamlined and stress-free experience for grieving families. And as an added benefit, you can build stronger relationships with your suppliers and venues too.

For most organizations, a cloud-based service will not only help you to enhance your service but will also be far more cost-effective than maintaining in-house solutions such as on-premises servers or disparate management programs. If you'd like to explore byondpro cemetery and funeral management software, simply contact OpusXenta.

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